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Hands free mobile car kits and the Law

Since the 1st December 2003 it has been illegal to drive in the UK while using a hand held mobile phone. On the 27th February 2007 the government introduced tough new penalties for using a mobile phone whilst driving.

When the offence was first introduced a fine of £30 could be imposed if you were caught using a mobile phone while driving. This £30 fixed penalty meant that the law was widely disregarded and that the £30 fine was not much of a deterrent.

Since 2007 the penalty is £60 and your licence is endorsed with three penalty points. If the case is taken to court a fine of up to £1000 can be imposed.

A hand held device is any equipment that can be held in the hand and is capable of making/receiving calls or other communications i.e. emails.

You are allowed to use a hands free device, press the buttons and talk as long as the device is not held in your hand. Ensure that the phone is cradled and that you have a hands free unit installed. Where a police officer stops you for driving in a poor or careless manner and discovers that you were using a mobile phone you can still be prosecuted for not having proper control of the vehicle.

Where you are involved in an accident call records can be used as evidence against you as proof that you were not in proper control of the vehicle. If found guilty you can end up with higher penalties being imposed including a possible prison sentence.

Hands Free Car Kits

With the busy life that we all lead today, being able to use your phone whilst driving is sometimes a godsend. In order to protect your licence and wallet from a hefty fine and increased insurance premiums fit a hands free kit today.

We supply Parrot hands free kits as well as kits for blackberry, Nokia, Motorola and Apple IPhone.

For more information on our product range and competitive prices or even to get some information on car kits please contact us today.

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